Celery toppine
Celery top pine is an attractive, strong,durable and easily worked softwood, pale when cut and then darker with age thatgrows in Tasmania and Victoria,used in boat building, joinery andturnery,kitchen utensils, carving and interiors.
It is rare wood and available only from specialtimber retailers.
Because of its toughness it is also used forvats, making it useful for the storage of acids.
Celery Top Pine 나무는 주로 호주 타스마니아에서 자라지만 호주 빅토리아 지역에서 자라기도 합니다.
샐러리처럼 생긴 나뭇잎때문에 생긴 Celery Top Pine이란 이름의 이 나무는 처음 연한 노란빛이 나지만 시간이 지나면서 햇빛에 노출되면 아주 예쁜 어두운 금빛 색으로 변합니다.
보통 이 나무는 고급보트나 가구, 부엌 도구들, 조각품들 또는 인테리어에 많이 사용 됩니다.
Celery Top Pine 나무는 아주 귀한 나무라 구하기 힘들어서 나무를 전문으로만 파는 상인들에서만 살수가 있습니다.